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Tavern Concerts!

Tavern Concerts - Couple Clapping - 700px

Hipsters! Mix and mingle and get truly unique. Close your eyes, listen, and enjoy. You are now in the 19th century (no Tardis necessary!) and the air is filled with the historic sounds of unplugged music and soothing acoustic melodies. So clap your hands, tap your foot, and hoist a mug to a sound rarely found in the United States.

Listen to a pure unmodern sound.

Tavern Concerts - Playing - 700pxTavern Concerts offer our guests a truly authentic tavern experience. The aged wood, original handmade construction, and servers appropriately dressed from the time period are all reminiscent of a time gone by. Mulled cider, cold beer, and food will be served while you listen to the pure unmodern sound. 

Tavern Concerts - Pouring  Ale- 700pxThe Tavern was the original place to voice opinion, protest and discuss hot topics.  It was the venue of the voice of the people. We bring back the bawdy, bare-walled and bubbly. It's here you can pound the table and shout your cheer.

And you should here the musicians. They gleefully praise the very particular sound of the Tavern. Without plumbing, electrical or other services (we won't chill your toes, a wood burning stove heats the Tavern nicely) the main room provides a rich natural setting for music.  Since the room is unique, music can be heard the way it was played years ago.  That's the treat.  We've brought back favorite bands and added a few new ones.  If you haven't hoisted or hosted at our Tavern, you haven't really heard music.

It's perfect for a date.

Tavern Concerts - Clap - 700pxListen to Stout's original composition The Quarantine a fan fav at our Tavern Concerts. 



Every Saturday night from January through April the Tavern is alive with music.  Two shows nightly.  

For a taste of what it's like please check out this video...



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Historic Richmond Town
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