Historic Richmond Town is also known as the Staten Island Historical Society.  Our formal mission statement is listed below.  We paraphrase it this way: We preserve and present centuries of American life by celebrating the ordinary people, from every background, who have worked together to build an extraordinary country.  We are not bound to a narrow time period.  
Our mission gives us the freedom to explore decades of our rich and diverse American life.
We are not limited to a famous event.  We are not tied to a historical celebrity. Our region's history is a platform to share about American growth through the centuries.

We go back to the Lenape people, through the settlement of America, into the colonial period, through the American Revolution, on to the Civil War, into the Industrial Revolution, through the 20th century and up until today. We share rural and farm life, town living and the city-suburban relationship.  New York City is our backyard, Richmondtown our front porch.  Our mission gives us the freedom to explore decades of our rich and diverse American life.  It's the stuff that everyone can relate to - no matter their age or background.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Staten Island Historical Society is to create opportunities for the public to explore the diversity of the American experience, especially that of Staten Island and its neighboring communities from the colonial period to the present. To accomplish this the Society:
  • Operates and interprets Historic Richmond Town, the largest and most
    complete historic village in the City of New York
  • Collects and preserves the materials of everyday life including the artifacts,
    archives and buildings that tell the story.
  • Conducts and promotes research based on the museum's collections
  • Shares the collection and knowledge with the public through creative and engaging interpretative activities