Million Dollar LadiesMillion Dollar Ladies

Bob Champi and the Women's Auxiliary Boardmember Bob Champi with Lucille Stivaletti, Caroline Esposito,
and Angela Barone

Founded in 1956, the Women's Auxiliary of Historic Richmond Town is the main volunteer fundraising group for the museum.

In 2015 the Women's Auxiliary raissed over $1,000,000  through over 50,000 hours of volunteering
Their mission is to aid, assist, support and render useful service to the Staten Island Historical Society (Historic Richmond Town) in the preservation, restoration and interpretation of landmarks on Staten Island - to help preserve historic records, relics, and other articles connected with the early history of the Island and raise funds to carry out these purposes - to have study programs and promote fellowship among members.

The Auxiliary runs special fundraising programs throughout the year like Christmas in Richmond Town, Spring Fair and Bennett Café. Their dedication and passion makes all their efforts successful. They have also mentored a new generation of volunteers through their inspirational work. In 2015 they reached a major milestone - $1,000,000 raised through over 50,000 hours of volunteering.

In 2007 the Auxiliary re-opened Bennett Café. Since then a substantial portion of the annual donations to Historic Richmond Town come through the Bennett Café. Click here to learn more about the Café.

If you would like to become a member of the Women's Auxiliary please call Barbara at (718) 667-3496 or fill out this FORM and we will contact you!

Officers 2017-2019

Mary Ann Weibel  President
Ann Borik  Treasurer
Jean Hand  Asst. Treasurer
Angela Barone   Recording Secretary
Marie Elena Moneypenny   Corresponding Secretary
Maryellen Dotti   Assistant to the Secretaries