Cheyney McKnight is a living historian and material culture researcher who has focused her studies on the African-American experience in the 18th and 19th centuries, with an emphasis on the daily lives of African-American women. Cheyney was trained by the National Association of Interpretation, and has presented programs and interpreted the lives of African-Americans, both enslaved and free, at more than 50 national historic sites and museums.

Tinsmith Artisan Annie Wickersty has been involved with Historic Richmond Town since she started as a tinsmith shop apprentice in the mid-90's. Her favorite thing about tinsmithing is the opportunity to learn about everyday life in the past through studying and making common household objects of the time.

Carpentry Artisan Norm Pederson has one rule in his carpentry shop: everything must be hand-crafted with tools that existed before 1860. The 1836 building is furnished as a rural shop at it would have appeared sometime before 1860.  Norm crafts the typical items produced in shops like this, including simple furniture, farm tools, kitchen utensils and home furnishings.