Carpentry Artisan Norm Pederson has one rule in his carpentry shop: everything must be hand-crafted with tools that existed before 1860. The 1836 building is furnished as a rural shop at it would have appeared sometime before 1860.  Norm crafts the typical items produced in shops like this, including simple furniture, farm tools, kitchen utensils and home furnishings.

Artisan Norm

Always interested in history and the carpentry of his grandfather's era, Norm soon became involved as a volunteer in Historic Richmond Town, and in 1994, he became a familiar face around the main village, and the resident artisan of the Carpenter's Shop.

On weekends and during special events, Norm delights visitors with his deep knowledge of this long-lost craft.

Norms creations can be seen throughout Historic Richmond Town, and are for sale in the Museum Store.

Norm was born and raised on Staten Island, the grandson of a carpenter from Norway. He spent his life working in the maritime world, shipyards, and later as a deckhand on the Staten Island Ferry, retiring in 2008.