Tinsmith Artisan Annie Wickersty has been involved with Historic Richmond Town since she started as a tinsmith shop apprentice in the mid-90's. Her favorite thing about tinsmithing is the opportunity to learn about everyday life in the past through studying and making common household objects of the time.

Artisan AnnieShe trained extensively to become a tinsmith during her teens and early twenties, and today finds that teaching the trade to the next generation of apprentices at HRT's summer apprentice program is one of the most important and rewarding experiences.

On weekends and during special events, Annie is often found in the Tinsmith’s shop crafting wonderful creations with her dedicated apprentices. These one-of-a-kind creations are seen throughout the village and are available for sale in the Museum Store.

Studying under master tinsmith and since-retired Restoration Department supervisor Bill McMillen, and journeyman tinsmith George Conlon, Annie has had the honor of creating useful and decorative reproduction tinware in HRT's tinsmith shop, demonstrating the trade at various museums and festivals in the Northeast (usually alongside her father, carpenter Norm Pederson), and appearing on an episode of PBS's "The Woodwright's Shop." 

Outside of HRT, Annie is an elementary school teacher, wife, and mother.