Bringing Up Baby second floor gallery exhibit41-11Bringing Up Baby - 2nd Floor Gallery

Punch and Judy puppet set in TOYS exhibit2-3Punch and Judy Puppets - Toys!

Exhibitions at Historic Richmond Town take many different forms.

In the Visitor Center, Third County Courthouse: Center of Civic Life on Staten Island tells of that building's role in local and national history and provides orientation as you prepare to tour Historic Richmond Town.

Traditional museum gallery exhibits in the Historical Museum focus on American culture and the history and traditions of Staten Island. Made on Staten Island, Bringing Up Baby; and Toys! offer hundreds of unique artifacts to explore. An interactive wall map identifies current and past place names for the island's many distinctive neighborhoods.

Furnished interiors throughout Historic Richmond Town present collections in a different way. In kitchens, bedrooms, workshops and parlors, you can see household items, furniture, tools, and other artifacts in settings that suggest their original use.

The experience of being at Historic Richmond Town is an opportunity to choose your own path to learning. You will approach places and objects on your own terms, sharing your own memories, coming to your own conclusions and gaining new perspectives on the past. You may find yourself moved to deep reflection or inspired to new possibilities by the unique, sometimes magical sensation of communing with authentic places and things.

Much like today, Staten Island residents of long ago often chose to purchase household items that were produced in countries around the world. Beautiful and useful items such as vases, tea sets, and dinner sets were found in the homes of local residents alongside products made in the United States.

Bringing Up Baby features highlights of Historic Richmond Town's furniture collection, presenting new scholarship on the meaning and use of things like carriages, cradles, and potty chairs. 

Third County Courthouse: Center of Civic Life on Staten Island explores the building's form, function, and its central role in Staten Island's civic life. Sections of the exhibit describe courthouse architecture, notable trials, the political process, and the county jail.

Made on Staten Island: Agriculture, Industry and Suburban Living in the City 1800-1984 traces Staten Island's evolution from its agricultural and maritime past, through the development of various industries, to modern suburbanization

Toys! examines the ways in which children learn about themselves and their world through toys and play. More than 200 of the best-loved and most fondly remembered toys of the 19th and 20th centuries are featured to illustrate that toys have long been tools for learning about life, work and family.