The purpose of our collections can be summed up in one word: discovery. Gathered over the past hundred years from many hundreds of New York area people they tell an infinite number of different stories.

open them up and enjoy!
Each is unique but all, in some way, represent America. They are authentic time travelers that carry memories of people, places, and lives. 

These items are gifts to our community from the people who owned or saved them. Why do people give gifts?
  • To create delight.
  • To show affection.
  • To demonstrate good taste.
  • To bind the giver to the recipient.
  • To make a difference.

Online Databases

The Online Collections Database of Historic Richmond Town contains only a portion of the vast holdings under our care, but that number is steadily increasing.

The oldest Staten Island newspapers of Historic Richmond Town and the Staten Island Museum are now available online. The project has digitized and posted reels of microfilm, donated by the Staten Island Advance and other newspapers. Thanks to the  New York Public Library and a generous grant from the Charles H. Revson Foundation.

Historic Richmond Town has received an enormous collection of gifts--many thousands of objects, documents, and photographs (and even some full-size buildings)--and all we have to do is open them up and enjoy! Of course, these gifts must also be housed and cared for, a responsibility that we take very seriously. Please note that only a portion of the collection is on display at any one time, and only a portion is currently available through the Online Collections Database, but that number is steadily increasing.

If you doubt that maintaining a museum collection is a challenge, try creating catalog records for the objects in your own home, describing what they are, how you use them, and what they mean to you.

make your own path to discovering history
Pay attention to the language you use and try to use keywords that might help you mentally sort or group things in different ways.You might find the process to be fun and fascinating, and it will likely take more time than you think. You might even gain new insight into your own life, your personal relationships, or the things that you value.

 Explore the collections at Historic Richmond Town, in person or online, and make your own path to discovering history.