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Historic Richmond Town enriches children's lives by providing experiences where they can see freedom, opportunity and community building at work.

We are a beautiful garden, demonstrating the diverse American experience.
 Each year tens of thousands of students experience the growth of American town and farm life, and grasp how everyone, from every background, can contribute to the fabric of the community.

Many of our student visitors come from urban neighborhoods within New York City area.  For these children, Historic Richmond Town is an opportunity to learn in an open air museum with lots of green space and centuries of history. We are a beautiful garden, demonstrating the diverse American experience right in their backyard.  

Using history and culture as a foundation, the museum explores the roles and lives of men, women, and children throughout the centuries.

Rather than focusing on the rich or famous, Historic Richmond Town celebrates the ordinary people who worked hard every day to build an extraordinary country. These are people the kids can relate to - the friends, neighbors and family members who put their talent, skills and ingenuity to work for their community.

 There are Two levels of programs for schools: School Tours and School Workshops

Many schools have been visiting us for years and new ones join us every school term. We host public schools from all five boroughs, independent and parochial schools as well as out of state institutions. We work closely with the current curriculum guidelines to deliver to educators the experiences they need to bring classroom learning to life. 

We evaluate and modify our programs on a regular basis based on curriculum revisions and direct feedback from the teachers who visit.

We also introduce new programs to meet the demanding needs of students and teachers.  Through Kids' Eyes is a fascinating new immersion experience that puts history in the hands of middle schoolers. The students replay history and record their own reactions. They become the storytellers of past events through the exploration of primary sources. Please watch the video below to learn more.