Carlotta at Fiefighters Showing - SquareSharing a Firefighter's Portrait

Let us bring the story of America to your club or organization. The Speakers Program of Historic Richmond Town is composed of professional staff members and volunteers with expertise in a variety of topics in local and national history, American decorative arts, traditional trades and crafts, and more. Programs include illustrations and/or hands-on materials to help bring the topic to life.

The length of the presentation can be tailored to the particular needs of your organization.

Bring the stories of America to life at your next meeting.
We ask you to contact us at least 3 weeks in advance of the requested presentation date. We also suggest a donation to help defray the cost of the program. Donations normally range from $100 - $250 depending on the complexity of the presentation. Please make sure the proper equipment is available at the venue. We usually require a screen, video projector and sound system. If these are not available we can provide these at an additional cost.

Please review the list of available presentations to select a topic of interest. If the presentation you desire is not listed below, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Fees are based on the complexity of the presentation. There is a minimum fee of $100.

All of these can presented at your venue or scheduled here at Historic Richmond Town. Please call us at 718-351-1611 x.240 for more information.




Smoking JacketSee how fashion reflected occupation and technology from the early years of our nation through the Gilded Age.


voorlezer1Our Dutch roots still show! This presentation will show you how to recognize and appreciate them. 


QuiltingCarlotta DeFillo, instructor of the Quiltmaking Class at Historic Richmond Town, discusses how traditional patchwork patterns inspire contemporary quilts.


Civil War IllustrationLearn about the many Staten Island citizens who fought on the battlefields during the Civil War.


HRT Logo FilmstripMost people think they know us but do they really? Discover the wide variety of programs and activities that Historic Richmond Town offers -- there's something for everyone! Hear how the the largest and oldest cultural institution on the Island has evolved and grown since its founding in 1856.


Trade CardThis presentation shows how the artifacts--the material culture--in the collections of Historic Richmond Town serve to illuminate aspects of Staten Island and American History. See images of specific objects such as a clothing article, a painting, and a skeleton key, and hear how details about their appearance or use reflect larger issues, lifestyles, and customs. This program is particularly appropriate for historians and educators.


Top HatRanging from thimbles to horse-drawn carriages, the collections at Historic Richmond Town are a rich resource for anyone interested in our nation's heritage. This presentation, geared for a general audience, will tell the stories and family histories associated with selected highlights from the museum's extensive collections of artifacts, documents, and photographs.


BicyclesThis presentation explores the bicycling craze of the 1890s, with a particular emphasis on photographer Alice Austen and author Violet Ward, two Staten Islanders who were enthusiastic sportswomen. Learn how bicycling dramatically changed women's lives and afforded them a new-found freedom.


FanHand fans have been known throughout history as objects of beauty and usefulness. This curator's presentation explores women's fans from about 1810 to 1940, when fans were both symbols and tools of romance.


CradleThis is a warm and fun presentation by one of our curators. Based on the exhibition of the same name, Bringing Up Baby features highlights of Historic Richmond Town's furniture collection, presenting new scholarship on the meaning and use of things like carriages, cradles, and potty chairs. See how furniture changed as childrearing practices and parental aspirations evolved through the centuries.