Annadale Railroad Station #11

The Annadale Railroad Station is now located north of Clarke Avenue and east of Arthur Kill Road. It was moved to Historic Richmond Town in 1975 from a location on Annadale Road in Annadale.

The building has an unusual history. One section of the building was constructed ca. 1850 and was most likely used as a shop or store; no other information is currently known about the original ownership, use, or location of that earliest portion.

The later section of the structure was built ca. 1860 as the Annadale train station. Staten Island's first successful railroad formally opened in June 1860, running from Clifton to Tottenville. The Annadale station, probably built when the railroad first opened, was located on the railroad bed just east of Annadale Road. The building was divided into a waiting room and a baggage room, with the ticket window in the middle wall.

By 1869 there were 7 daily trains running from St. George to Annadale, and by 1892 there were 15 daily trains. After 1900, a number of new houses were built in Annadale, many as part of the "Little Farms" development. In 1910 the building company constructed a new railroad station for the town as part of that development, and the old station was moved to a site about 300 feet from the railroad's roadbed. It was joined to the ca. 1850 building, which had been moved in from another location, and the whole was converted into a residence by Theodore and Julia DeGroff. Theodore was a carpenter, and may have made some of the modifications to the structure, including the addition of a wing to the rear of the house sometime between 1912-ca. 1925. Julia DeGroff lived in the house until 1957. It continued to be used as a house until at least 1965 or perhaps later. The building was moved to Historic Richmond Town in 1975. It is currently awaiting restoration and is not open to the public.

Sarah Hermann