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Our Mission

The Staten Island Historical Society at Historic Richmond Town works to preserve and present centuries of American life by celebrating the ordinary people, from every background, who have worked together to build an extraordinary country.  The site and its structures are not bound to a narrow time period and are not limited to a famous event.  Our region's history is a platform to share about American growth through the centuries.

The purpose of the Staten Island Historical Society is to create opportunities for the public to explore the diversity of the American experience, especially that of Staten Island and its neighboring communities from the colonial period to the present. To accomplish this the Society:

  • Operates and interprets Historic Richmond Town, the largest and most
    complete historic village in the City of New York

  • Collects and preserves the materials of everyday life including the artifacts,
    archives and buildings that tell the story.

  • Conducts and promotes research based on the museum's collections

  • Shares the collection and knowledge with the public through creative and engaging interpretative activities 

Historic Richmond Town is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit

also known as the Staten Island Historical Society.  


We are committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in all our activities. We believe building an inclusive and equitable environment is an ongoing, active process that requires constant and deliberate attention. We strive to build truly accessible spaces, a culture of diversity of voice and representation, and equity for all.


Historic Richmond Town was founded as the Staten Island Historical Society in 1856.  The institution still uses both names but is more popularly known as Historic Richmond Town.  The museum's focus is to create opportunities for the public to explore the diversity of the American experience from the colonial period to the present.

It's a remarkable living history town and museum complex.

Historic Richmond Town relies on the history of Staten Island and its neighboring New York area communities to show how ordinary people of every background worked together for centuries to build an extraordinary country.

In the mid-20th century, the Society, with the help of founder Loring McMillen, embarked on an ambitious project to collect, preserve and interpret the material culture of our region. The result is that Historic Richmond Town has become a remarkable living history town and museum complex that evokes 350 years of history and culture.  That complex includes NYC's oldest continuously working family farm and two other historic sites - including one of the oldest original houses in the country.  There is no other place like it in New York City. Over 100,000 people visit the site each year to enjoy tours, education programsmuseum exhibits and special events.

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As Staten Island's largest and oldest cultural institution, Historic Richmond Town possesses some of the most celebrated and storied historical items of American history. There are more than 100,000 artifacts, photographs, and archival collections from different time periods. The total number of individual objects or bits and pieces of history in our care is close to a million! Surrounding and containing our collections are original historic structures dating back as far as the 1660s.

There is no other place like it in New York City.  

Our structures provide an authentic platform to share the stories of individuals like us - ordinary people who've built an extraordinary country.

The town of Richmond has been here since the 17th century. The Staten Island Historical Society came to its rescue and preserved the town as it was during a period of rapid growth and change in the 20th century. Today, Historic Richmond Town tells the stories of American Life in many places. Visitors can find us in person at one of our four physical sites. They can come to programs, events, and concerts or to research their family tree. They can also experience our collections online through our database or in videos.

The museum also plays an active role in promoting and assisting research beyond the borders of New York and has supported numerous publications, exhibitions, documentaries and other humanities projects both within and outside the United States. Historic Richmond Town continues to engage the public in a wide variety of ways.