Workshops & Focus Tours

Workshops offer an intensive hands-on history experience, with a visit to the furnished buildings that fit the theme. Offered primarily during January, February, and March, workshops may also be available for selected days in other seasons. Because of the popularity of these programs, please book as early as possible.  Students explore historic buildings with recreated period interiors. Museum educators, costumed in period clothing, introduce household items and historical documents to help students experience the past in a real and meaningful way. Through this immersive journey, history, economics, civics, and geography come alive at a true living history village. 

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COLONIAL inquiry (grades 2-8 and 5-12)

What was life like in rural New York in the 18th century? What luxuries could the average family experience? What were the working conditions of the colonial era? What constituted privilege? Explore three colonial farmhouses to answer these questions about early American life through the understanding of documents from the colonial period.


the AFRICAN AMERICAN experience (grades 3-8)

What jobs and skills did African Americans have in the 1700s and 1800s? How did enslaved people live and work in New York in the 1700s? Find answers to these and other questions in this tour through the Historical Museum, farmhouses and more.