By Lantern Light (Supported by ConEdison)

Grades 2-5

Students experience historic lighting devices, from grease lamps, to kerosene, to electric light, and discuss how lighting technology affected daily life. Students hand-make their own take home, pierced paper lanterns using patterns they design, or templates reflecting traditional motifs used to create punched-tin lanterns from the 1800s. Each take-home lantern is illuminated by an LED tea light.

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Sarah Hermann
Wool to Weave

Grades K-5

This workshop focuses on pre-industrial textile production as students experience for themselves the stages of making sheep's wool into woolen thread.

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Melissa Perez
Lighting the Way

Grades K-3

Our most popular workshop helps students learn how people lit their homes and businesses before electricity. Each student makes his or her own candle to take home and sees demonstrations of a variety of early lighting devices. A visit to two historic buildings illuminates the use of lighting in the context of daily life.

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Charlie Needs a New Cloak

Grades Pre-K-2

Activities and demonstrations allow students to participate step by step in the discovery of how a sheep's haircut is turned into a warm and beautiful garment. At the conclusion of the workshop the children take home their own miniature version of Charlie's new cloak.

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