Historical Detectives

Grades 4-8

Students have the hands-on opportunity to investigate how historians use primary source documents, objects and architecture as clues to life in the past. They practice being detectives as they analyze collections of artifacts and documents. They begin to understand life in the past and draw conclusions form their analyses. Students also tour some of the historic buildings to explore what historic structures can reveal about the past.

Curriculum Themes Addressed:

  • Colonial and Revolutionary periods

  • Life in the new nation

  • Urbanization: economic, political, and social impacts

Skills Enhanced:

  • Analysis

  • Placing objects and events in context

  • Building conclusions from evidence

School Reservations Office: Monday-Friday, 8:00A.M-4:00P.M

(718)-351-1611 ext 280 | reservations@historicrichmondtown.org

Melissa Perez