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Staten Island Historian

Historian- front page April-June -1943

Historic Richmond Town's journal, The Staten Island Historian, began publication in January 1938. The first issue featured articles by several of the officers of the Staten Island Historical Society in its earliest years at Richmond Town, including Loring McMillen, William T. Davis, Burton A. Kollmer, Charles C. Stoddard, and Lefferd M.A. Haughwout, and topics included the Voorlezer's House, a history of basketmaking on Staten Island, and a list of all the people who had donated artifacts to the museum's collection from 1933 through 1937.

The Historian continues today as a semi-annual journal.

Through the following decades, the quarterly journal continued to explore a wide variety of fascinating topics in local, regional, and national history. Although the topics are far too numerous to list in their entirety, some notable articles and series include Dr. Henry G. Steinmeyer's reminiscences about growing up on Staten Island (1939-1940); a study of Staten Island architecture by Loring McMillen (1941-1943); a history of Prohibition Park by Charles Earle Funk (1952); the planning and building of Staten Island's bridges by Herbert Reed (1965); the terra cotta industry and the Atlantic Terra Cotta Company by Hildegard J. Safford (1974); the story of Staten Island in the American Revolution by Harlow McMillen (1976); the press on Staten Island by Charles L. Sachs (1986); "The Freedom Seekers: Staten Island's Runaway Slaves" by Ronald David Jackson (1996); historical archaeology at the Dutch Reformed Church site at Historic Richmond Town by Richard T. Clark (2000); and "Langston Hughes: A Season on Staten Island" by Andrew Wilson (2010).

Bicycles - Austen"Bicycling for Ladies", SI Historian, Fall 2011. Photo by Alice Austen

The Historian continues today as a semi-annual journal. A recent issue (Summer 2016) features two articles written by Maxine Friedman. "The Twentieth Century Revisited: Photographs by Herbert A. Flamm" is an illustrated introduction to the works of an important Staten Island photographer who was active from ca. 1930 to ca. 1975. A study of historic election memorabilia titled "Don't Forget to Vote!" suggests that local and national politics have always been complex and passionate affairs. The issue also includes "Center of the Island," an essay by Ed Wiseman that sets forth a vision for the continuing evolution of Historic Richmond Town.

Historian - Fall 2013 - Civil War Clipping

Claire Regan, Associate Managing Editor at the Staten Island Advance, has served as Editor of the Staten Island Historian since 1996. She succeeded Dr. John B. Woodall (1914-2001), a professor of European history at Wagner College, who served as the Historian's editor from 1983-1996.

Others who have willingly volunteered their time and energy as Historian editor over these many years include Dr. Henry G. Steinmeyer, Norma Siebenheller, Harlow McMillen, Charles C. Stoddard, and Roswell S. Coles.

Please click on the issues below to read selected issues of the Historian.

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Summer 2016
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Charlie Sullivan to portray legendary American politician James Guyon Jr. at upcoming Guyon Tavern Concert Series

CharlesSullivan 120x150Charles Sullivan is no stranger to acting. This time traveling performer has appeared on stages across Staten Island, most recently as Scrooge with Shakespeare Theatre, as well as with Sea View Playwright’s Theatre, Sundog Theatre, and In the Wings.

This season, he portrays James Guyon Jr., the historic proprietor of Historic Richmond Town’s Guyon Inn and Store. Home to the legendary Guyon Concerts, the circa 1819 building serves up an authentic 19th century acoustic music experience with a warm and resonant sound quality illuminated by candlelight and warmed by a potbelly stove.

Tavern Concert Series at Historic Richmond Town Kicks off Jan. 13

TavernConcerts newsroom header

Jan 5, 2018 - The Guyon Tavern (circa 1819) at Historic Richmond Town (HRT) serves up an authentic 19th century acoustic music experience with a warm and resonant sound quality that is rarely found anymore, thanks to the original aged wood and plaster, and the unmistakable handmade construction.


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