Historic Richmond Town’s nearly one hundred acres of manicured parkland have made a stunning backdrop to thousands of weddings and special occasions. It’s beautifully restored historic structures have appeared in popular television programs such as HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and The History Channel’s Titans of Food. Hollywood movies, like The Greatest Showman have even chosen to film in the famous Guyon-Lake-Tysen farmhouse!

Please take the time to look over the rates and regulations before submition. All forms and applications can be submitted to Melissa Perez at mperez[at] Serious inquiries can schedule up to two location scout tours free of charge.

These reccommended structures, along with their interiors, take minimal alterations to be

film shoot ready.

Historic Richmond Town Grounds

Historic Richmond Town maintains 100 acres of manicured park land, including a nature preserve, hiking trails and the Richmond Creek Bluebelt.

Stephens-Black House

The Stephens-Black House stands in its original location on Center Street at the corner of Court Place, with the General Store adjoining the rear of the house and extending along Court Place. The house was erected ca. 1837, with an extension added to the east ca. 1838 and the store built at the rear about a year later. An example of Greek Revival domestic architecture, it is related in style to the nearby Bennett House; the Third County Courthouse, just across Center Street, shows the classic form of Greek Revival public architecture. 

Voorlezer’s House

A recent comprehensive analysis of the building, including dendrochronology and in-depth study of architectural, documentary, and archaeological evidence, has led to a new understanding of the building as a mid-18th century farmhouse. It is believed that the original structure that was used by the Dutch congregation was demolished in the 1760s, and the current structure was built in the same location, likely incorporating some of the original stone foundation. Although the building is now believed to be from the 1760s rather than the 1690s, the history of the site and its many residents and uses over the centuries continues to inform the interpretation of the building.

Christopher House

The Christopher House is set back from the west side of Arthur Kill Road near Richmond Creek. Its original location was at 819 Willowbrook Road in Willowbrook.  It is a one and one-half story stone farmhouse in a simple vernacular style with Dutch influences such as a spring eave and jambless fireplaces.  It was constructed in two sections, ca. 1720 and ca. 1730, each having one room with a cellar below and a garret above.

third county courthouse

The Third County Courthouse is located on Center Street at the head of Court Place. It was built in 1837 on this site, replacing earlier courthouse buildings that had been located on other sites nearby.

Standing on one of the highest points in Richmond, this imposing Greek Revival building was designed to both reflect and inspire civic power and pride. The front (north) wall of the structure is built of rough-faced Staten Island trap rock; the other walls are brick.

All interiors of structures not listed above require a one-time use fee that varies based on the scope of the project.