2019 Summer Apprentice Program is Now Open for Enrollment!

The 2019 Summer Apprentice Program is now open for enrollment! Historic Richmond Town’s rich array of apprenticeships build real-world skills based upon centuries of American ingenuity. The program is a wonderful alternative to the tried and true summer camp. Individualized sessions in the Historic Trades are conducted in small groups of less than five and accelerate learning as students work with an experienced Artisan to build their skills forging iron, crafting tin, and cooking over an open fire as they create one-of-a-kind, hand crafted items. The historic settings are fully furnished for an immersive and hands-on practice. Apprentices will visit the other trades during their week to add to the fun and the 360-degree learning. At the end of each session, apprentices will have the ability to present their trade and lead a specialized tour of their workshop to visitors and their families.


  • Blacksmithing: Wield hand-tools to shape red-hot iron and manage the fire in the forge. Apprentices create useful objects using the anvil, teaming with other blacksmith apprentices.

  • Open Hearth Cooking: The hearth is the center of the kitchen; apprentices learn to manage the fire to power a Dutch oven, griddle, and reflector oven with a variety of authentic recipes from the 18th and 19th centuries. Desserts, main dishes, berry jams and more will be added to the take home recipe book and skill set.

  • Tinsmithing: Cutting and piercing tin may look simple, but it requires a good deal of skill. Apprentices will learn to use tin snips, cut a clean edge and read patterns to fashion bright, reflective objects. With practice, apprentices may evolve to shaping tin pieces on stakes and soldering multi-piece items.

Call: Reservations Office
(718) 351-1611, ext.280

Sarah Hermann