Barger Privy #4


This privy (outhouse) now stands in the yard behind the Edwards-Barton House on Richmond Road. It originally stood on the property of the Jacob Crocheron House at its original location in Woodrow. At 12 feet wide, it is unusually large for such a utilitarian structure. The interior had six seats in two rows, reconstructed based on remnants of grooves found in the original walls. 

It was probably constructed about 1870 by Henry Barger, who at that time owned the former Crocheron farm. The structure was discovered in 1987 during the process of moving the Crocheron House to Historic Richmond Town. The privy had been converted into a chicken coop.

The privy was disassembled and taken to Boston where it was restored by students at the North Bennet Street School, a school that specializes in teaching preservation carpentry and other traditional crafts. Following its restoration, it was rebuilt at Historic Richmond Town.

Sarah Hermann