Apprenticeships build real-world skills by learning the Historic Trades and the meaning of American Ingenuity

The Apprentice program has been offering a unique, hands-on, collaborative educational experience for more than thirty years. Nowhere else in New York City can a child learn a historic trade in such a rich and inclusive learning environment.

Historic Richmond Town’s rich array of apprenticeships build real world skills based upon centuries of American ingenuity. The program is a wonderful alternative to the tried and true summer camp. Individualized sessions in small groups accelerate learning as students work with an experienced Artisan to build their skills forging iron, weaving baskets, carving wood, crafting tin, and open-hearth cooking as they create one-of-a-kind, hand crafted items. The historic settings are fully furnished for an immersive and hands-on experience. Apprentices will visit the other trades during their week to add to the fun and the 360-degree learning. At the end of each session, apprentices will have the ability to present their trade and lead a specialized tour of their workshop to visitors and their families.

Due to popular demand, apprenticeship programs for the summer of 2018 have been expanded to include new offerings such as Living Environment, Gardening/Agricultural Studies, and a specialized "Making History" program. Students may also design and build a propeller car to race against their fellow campers for the title of "Propeller Car Champion!" Others may build their own fiber dulcimer and bring home an instrument that they have made themselves—and learned to play! 

During their time at Historic Richmond Town, the students involved in the Apprenticeship Program create bonds that truly do last a lifetime...

“The summers I spent as an apprentice at Historic Richmond Town were some of the best summers I’ve ever had! Learning basket making, cooking in the Guyon Lake Tysen House, and dancing in the Town Hall were just part of what made the apprenticeship such a memorable experience. The people who work at Historic Richmond Town are so knowledgeable and fun and taught me so much during my time here. I made lifelong friends here and still love to come back to volunteer.” 
--Lindsay Hyman (in the program 2011-2013) 

“While I don’t know what I was expecting when I first came to Historic Richmond Town in 2011, I do know that it ended up being a second home that far exceeded any expectation I could have had. Aside from learning how to avoid accidentally setting my petticoat on fire while cooking, I learned a lot about history, people, and love in general. It was a place where everyone was welcome and an environment that brought about meaningful relationships. Seven years later, I still talk to my mentor, who taught me a lot more about life than just basket making (although basket making is very important). And a casual friend from middle school who did the program with me ended up becoming my best friend and currently my college roommate. Even though I’ve long aged out of the program, my time as an apprentice continues to play a huge part in who I am as a person. Being there gave me a level of confidence and support that I hadn’t found anywhere else, and I am forever grateful for the memories that Richmond Town has given me.” 
-Maria Conte (in the program 2011-2013) 

Historic Richmond Town demonstrates a dedication to accessibility and inclusion year-round through diverse, mission-centric programming such as the Summer Apprentice Program, which introduces 7-14-year-old students of all abilities and interests to a focused, immersive experience in the Historic Trades that still have deep meaning today, such as woodworking, tinsmithing, blacksmithing, basket weaving, pottery-making and other maker-based experiences. The Artisans of HRT have a deep-held commitment to sharing their skills and mentoring the youth. 

Although the program is expanding exponentially, there are a limited number of spots available this summer.

Apprentices at Historic Richmond Town are sure to have the best “What I did this summer” essays come September thanks to an in-depth and engaging hands-on, discovery-based experience unlike any other!

Call and speak with an apprentice specialist today and reserve space for the most unique summer experience on Staten island.